The Speech: Josh is back from Uni for his brother’s wedding but his brother’s having a routine operation, his Mom’s stressing about the cakes and the flowers, and he still hasn’t written his best man speech. Even a professional speechwriter might not be able to fix his jokes.

The Street: Brandon’s been homeless since he was fourteen, when he finds Robbie experiencing his first night on the street. He agrees to help him adjust, and a tenuous friendship ensues. But Robbie gets a chest infection and Brandon needs antibiotics at any cost.

The Job: Linda is a politician with a mission. To revolutionise national healthcare. With her assistant Benny, she travels to see the American system at it’s best. But Benny’s in love with his boss, and she’s in love with the job.

The House: It’s Christmas in the Baxter household. There’s swing in the air and dinner’s on the table, carol singers and snow but Grandma Edna struggles to remember who everyone is and Grandad Malcolm could do with a break.

The Thief: Lorna is businesswoman of the year. Her sister, Elaine, just got fired from the supermarket. Desperate for success, she resolves to help herself to everything her sister has worked so hard for.

The Baby: Doctor Laine recently had an abortion. She never wanted a child, didn’t need a child and currently works twelve hour shifts so can’t support a child. That doesn’t stop every single person in her life telling her what a mistake she’s made.

All intertwined within a fairytale about a princess who loved to dance. Story telling at its absolute best.