My Shadow and Me: The Speech

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I have just arrived back from Glasgow and the premiere of My Shadow and MeThe Speech.  The above picture is from the opening number ‘Perks of the Transport Revolution’ and while it was a much smaller musical, taking less than The Wolfman which was staged at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland last year, it still required 45 people to put it together.  What I found interesting was the use of movement scenes (to an underscore) to transition between the hospital and other scenes.  This was something that hadn’t been used before in one of our musicals, but I think it worked well.

The idea behind the six shows that make up My Shadow and Me is that they show relationships between two people, who are inseparable for different reasons.  At one hour for each part, they are shorter than our other musicals and would normally be separated by an interval.  Perhaps we should have a loyalty card that the audience can get stamped as they see each show…now what to call it?

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      That’s a good idea Brian. We were thinking of having some kind of loyalty offer – a loyalty card perhaps (sounds a bit like one of our other musicals!) I think there should be something for people who have watched all six shows, because it would mean that they have been to see it three different times. We’ll keep discussing the idea and see what we can come up with and we’ll throw your suggestions into the mix – I particularly like My Shadow and Me: The Pack.

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