It’s Time To Light The Home Fires

Stephen Redwood Musicals, Theatre Leave a Comment

So I have just finished the rehearsal for the Home Fires band, here at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (also known as the Wondertoire!) and they sound awesome! It is such a thrill to hear music that I usually hear out of tinny speakers, played by actually living, breathing people! Home Fires is well underway – there’s an entry in the portfolio if you want to know more about the show – and the posters will be up soon, rehearsals start on Saturday, so that’ll be another amazing moment. There’s some incredible pieces in this one, although I am completely biased, including I Really Love A Roast, I Could Be Sherlock and Tell Me What You’re Thinking. There’ll be recordings soon, and photos and I’ll let you know how things progress. But for now, there’s a show that’s got a million and one things to do to get it a theatre near you. Not least, being workshopped and previewed. This could be history in the making! (Or it could not. The future is yet to be written!)

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