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Grants cuts to the arts – opportunity or threat?

Ellana Moseley Theatre Leave a Comment

Cuts to arts grants funding seem to be an inevitable part of the UK’s political landscape, however it is sad to see Bath and East Somerset Council cutting 100% of their funding. This funding is important for the development of the arts, particularly for regions outside of London and allows the arts to entertain and provoke across the length and breadth of the England and Wales (Scotland has separate funding). Couple this with the intended cuts of 40% in Bristol in 2018/19 (and then another 40% being cut in 2021) and you start to wonder how subsidised theatre will survive.

Add to this the Arts Council warning theatres to prepare for cuts and it is clear that the next five years are going to be a trying time for UK theatre.

Personally, I believe this provides an opportunity for other funding models to be developed to take the place of grants funding – confirmed cuts to their arts budget.

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