Fringe 2015: Rehearsals

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The second day of rehearsals has come to an end and I feel really proud of what we as a team have achieved. There have been some beautiful harmonies, that gave me goosebumps, some tough problems which required solving (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow) and loose ends that needed to be tied up. All in all, it’s been a really good day, very tiring for everyone involved, but to have made as much progress as we have in the last 1.5 days has been quite an achievement. Additionally the ticket sales keep increasing, which I’m also pleased about, because I want as many people to see what has been achieved with the resources we’ve had at our disposal.

I’ve uploaded a few images into a gallery above and will add more as rehearsals continue tomorrow.

Day 3 Update: M[usicians] + A[ctors] = S[how]

Everyone is together today and we’re running through the songs. Having the band here helps create the atmosphere of the show and gives the actors something more forgiving (than a backing track) to sing and act with. We’ve made some creative decisions today which allow us to make the best use of the stage and things are continuing positively.

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