A Fringe Reflection

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Our Fringe experience has come to an end and we’ve learnt a lot from it. There are things that worked well (flyering in costume) and things we would do differently as well as things we would like to try another time. For us though, it has been a fantastic learning experience and I am proud of everyone who was involved in putting the production together. So thank you to all the actors, actresses, musicians and crew. Thank you to all our supporters, the family members and friends who put up with all the stress and hard work to put on this production. And most of all, thank you to all the strangers in the audience who came to watch. It made all the pre-production, rehearsals and flyering worth it!

The video above was tweeted to us by Fabio Fodaro of Fodaro Moving Images and I think it provides a beautiful snapshot of the experience – after all, the Fringe would be nothing without all the hundreds of thousands of people who turn up every year – so thank you to Fabio for capturing this moment.

For Keep The Home Fires, it’s onwards and upwards. We received a lot of positive feedback from the audience at the Fringe, both from audience members after the performance and those who were kind enough to contact us via Twitter or stop us in the street while we were flyering. Our next step, is to put on a production in a larger space, one that is more suited to large-scale musicals and without the time constraints that form part of the Fringe experience – the show is actually 2 hours long, rather than the 1hr 10mins that it was reduced to for the Fringe.

So until the next time, thank you for being part of the Fringe experience and we look forward to seeing you all at a show soon – it might even be one of ours!

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      Hi Fabio. You’re welcome – we like sharing and we’re always happy to support the work of other creative people. Keep creating and we hope to see you again at the Fringe in the future.

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